Marano Perspectives
Thought Leader, Convener, Coalition Builder in Travel and Tourism

Marano Perspectives


Helen Marano:  International Thought Leader, Convener and Coalition Builder in the Global Travel & Tourism Arena

Marano Perspectives works with you to strengthen your travel & tourism related business through engagement. We enable employees and stakeholders to understand the global picture and the critically important part they play in the success of the Travel & Tourism industry. 

As an international thought leader, I offer expertise in:

  • sharing trends at forums, conferences, corporate meetings;

  • convening stakeholders for identifying solutions;

  • moderating panels, corporate meetings, stakeholder groups;

  • forming coalitions to integrate key members of the tourism community;

  • conducting  planning sessions to discover new ideas;

  • inspiring employees to understand their contribution to the total value of the  industry;

  • engaging students to appreciate the vast career opportunities in Travel & Tourism;

  • resourcing a vast network of public and private sector leaders to grow your business sustainably.

Draw upon my leadership roles in the local, national and global arenas:

  • Founder and President, Marano Perspectives

  • Special Advisor, World Travel and Tourism Council (current) 

  • Executive Vice President, World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC)

  • Senior Vice President, Government and Industry Affairs, WTTC

  • Director of the National Travel and Tourism Office, USA

Travel and tourism expert, Helen Marano, appointed as Travel Foundation trustee


For a discussion on how best to meet your needs:
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